MetaMask exceeds one million active users

Ethereum wallet and decentralized application explorer (dApps) MetaMask has announced that it has exceeded the threshold of one million active users. This shows the dynamism of the Ethereum ecosystem in recent months.

As explained in a company press release , this is an increase of + 400% compared to last year , when there were 264,000 active MetaMask users

According to her, the success of MetaMask is due to the fact that it serves as a portal and allows to discover multiple projects:

“Users come to use a site, and they end up discovering hundreds of others , from decentralized finance to games to new communities. “

MetaMask also notes that four countries have the most users: the United States, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

DeFi carries MetaMask

The company notes that this progression naturally follows that of the decentralized finance sector (DeFi) :

DeFi Pulse TLV Locked Value

Source : DeFi Pulse via MetaMask

MetaMask intends in any case to continue to serve as a meeting point for Ethereum users, and in particular for DeFi:

“When you think about it, people don’t want a wallet. They want to invest, sell, lend, and borrow ” .

The influx of users was also boosted by the arrival of MetaMask on mobile: the company indeed launched its Android and iOS application at the beginning of September.

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