Córdoba Blockchain Hub has organized a cycle of free virtual meetings

The use of the Blockchain technology is very diverse in general, it varies according to the country where you want to focus. However, in Latin America, many are the countries that add to number of projects with this technology, being noticed more and more the adoption of the Blockchain in different areas and industries.

But if one thing is very clear, it is that everything starts with training, and regarding this point Argentina is constantly providing events that strengthen the knowledge regarding this technology. Currently, the Córdoba Blockchain Hub is taking place, which has organized a cycle of free virtual meetings.

It is worth mentioning that the use of Blockchain technology in the country of the southern cone includes such important and diverse areas as: finance, energy, solid waste treatment, IT, gaming, food and shipments in shipping ports.

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However, +Blockchain, the free virtual meetings, have the objective of promoting awareness of productive and service sectors about the added value and competitive advantage of the development of projects using Blockchain’s technology in their value chains.

Representatives of the technological clusters of Cordoba, the Universities and the community of Blockchain in Cordoba will be in charge of the meetings where besides promoting the link between specialists, developers of the Blockchain technology and representatives of diverse chains, cases of application will be presented to transform each one of these sectors from the use and application of Blockchain.

Methodology of the MeetUp

Each MeetUp will take place from 4pm to 5.30pm via the ZOOM platform, for the first 100 participants in order of arrival, the rest will be able to follow the simultaneous transmission on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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During the presentation, the participants must remain with their microphone and camera deactivated; therefore, consultations can only be made by the „raise your hand“ tool or through the chat (from the ZOOM or YouTube platform).

Córdoba Blockchain Hub

Córdoba Blockchain Hub, is an intersectorial space formed from the articulation between companies and technology-based startups, educational institutions and government of Córdoba, in order to work collaboratively in the generation of specific projects linked to the application of technology Blockchain.

They institute an environment and a framework of collaboration between the academic, private and public sectors that allows them to contribute to the development of projects where the use of Bitcoin Rush technology is applied.

Likewise, they promote the technological development, the extension of its use and the dynamization of its adoption in new solutions. Also, they promote innovation, knowledge transfer and technology adoption by valuing the local technological offer and developments.

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First meeting
The first cycle was held last Thursday, July 16, with the theme „How to apply this disruptive technology in the agro-industrial sector? But, the cycle +Blockchain has planned 5 MeetUps the next ones will be held on July 23rd and 30th, and Thursday 6th and 13th of August.

The topic to be discussed for this next Thursday is How to apply this disruptive technology in the health and medical technology sector? You will be invited as guest speakers: Cecilia Mariani – Darwoft and Andrés de León – Seal of Digital Competence

Also for the last Thursday of July they will work under the topic How to apply this disruptive technology in the legal sector? Among the speakers in charge of this production are Ignacio Segura – President of the Bar Association.

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